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My experience with the Dr. Jason Tucker and the staff was excellent. They were also very kind and caring and extremely helpful. Since my Stem Cell treatment approximately 6 weeks ago I feel 75+% better than I did before having the treatment. I can attend my exercise classes without pain and am able to use my cane for longer periods of time and no longer have to use my walker. I would highly recommend this Center, Dr. Jason Tucker and his treatments to anyone having joint pain.
Betty Hayes – Patient, 87 years old

  • The right knee that you injected with my stem cells is now pain-free and an x-ray last week indicated considerable improvement. Thanks Dr. Tucker.

    Dr. Mintz - Retired Cardiologist - Napa, California

  • I suffered from plantar fasciitis for months before I found Dr. Zeckser. I work as an X-ray and Ultrasound technician and I am constantly on my feet and the pain was truly affecting my work life and personal life! I even had to stop playing basketball with my son. Dr. Zeckser treated my foot with PRP and 3-4 weeks after my treatment I was able to work all day and still feel good enough to play ball with my son again! Thank you!

    Steve H. - Radiology Technician

  • I was referred to Dr. Zeckser by my PCP after a mountain biking accident that sent me to the emergency room. I had quite a bit of damage to my rotator cuff and a torn AC joint. Dr. Zeckser offered PRP therapy for healing and pain control rather than opioids suggested by other doctors. Within two weeks of my first treatment at least 70% of my pain had abated and I regained motion in my shoulder and the ability to use the arm again. As of right now my shoulder feels great and I have been able to resume all activity pain free finally putting this accident behind me.

    Keith G. - Patient

  • I had Bilateral Stem Cell treatment of my knees 6 weeks ago and my experience at iOrthoBIOLOGIX has been a good one. I feel 95% better so far and am almost pain free with walking, standing and with step ups and downs. My experience at the Center was very pleasant and professional. I am highly satisfied with the outcome thus far. Dr. Jason Tucker did what he said he would do for the price quoted with no surprises. I would not hesitate to contact at iOrthoBIOLOGIX again if need be.

    William Ressler - Patient

  • I came to Dr. Jason Tucker for stem cell treatment for OA knee pain.  The procedure had minimal pain and recovery time.   Currently, it is six weeks post-injection, and my pain level has diminished 60+%.  I am wearing a brace to help realign the bones in my leg, but I am able to walk mostly without pain.  In addition to the stem cells, two injections of hyaluronic acid, and four weeks of PT, I now have full range of motion and I am able to fully extend my leg.  I have found the entire experience with the staff at iOrthobiologix to be very pleasant, helpful, and encouraging.  Dr. Tucker is a caring, compassionate doctor, who is very knowledgeable and passionate about this form of treatment.  He celebrates each improvement with the patient, encouraging them to follow the steps to full recovery.  I am excited that the medical profession is turning to regenerative methods of healing the body, and strongly recommend the use of stem cells to heal the knee and other joints, rather than resorting to surgery and the implanting of foreign objects into the body.

    Shirley Jenkins - Patient

  • I had a Stem Cell Treatment on my Right Knee and have had an exceptional experience at iOrthoBIOLOGIX.  The physicians and staff have been excellent.  Just after 6 weeks, I feel 75% better and am climbing steps (which I couldn’t do prior to treatment), have more energy, and am better able to get up from a seated position, especially from a car.

    Madeline Mayor - Patient

  • I had stem cell treatment on both knees at the same time.  As a physical therapy assistant of 20+ years, I had treated many patients after traditional orthopedic surgeries.  I have waited for something better for 15 years enduring pain, lack of function, and lack of joint movement.  I could no longer enjoy walking on the beach, playing even and easy game of soccer with 10 year old son in back yard, or walking through town with my 13 year old daughter. Along with these limitations, stairs were always painful and slow going.

    I chose to have procedure after meeting Dr Tucker, his partner and office staff. After the free consultation I was very impressed with the great passion that Dr Tucker and staff have for this procedure, not to mention the years of extra training for every step of this procedure.   

    My wife and I enjoyed the care taken to design a medical center that did not feel medical. We are both health care professionals and can not give enough thumbs up to the care expressed by the staff and the welcoming office environment.

    Within a short period of time (and no pain medication other than what was taken prior to procedure) I was able to roll over in bed, PAIN free! After full recovery and physical therapy I can actually squat again!I I can go up and down stairs and participate in what ever comes my way. It is amazing to bend my knees and no longer hear them creaking like old rusty gears.  Pain is no longer my faithful companion. I also really appreciate that this procedure did not require a hospital visit or stay and that in less than 3 days I was up and about and  returning to my normal life, pain free!

    Bernal Zeledon - Patient

  • I saw Dr. Tucker for a Stem Cell treatment of my knee for ACL, MCL and joint damage approximately 6 weeks ago. My experience with Dr. Tucker and the staff was fantastic! Dr. Tucker was very thorough in understanding and diagnosing my injuries and treatment options. After just 6 weeks, I have felt 90% relief. My swelling is almost gone, my instability has much improved and my pain is minimal compared to before my treatment. I am now able to kneel, squat down, leg exercises and back to running and biking again.

    Kristen Kemling - Patient


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