iOrthoBIOLOGIX Patient FAQ

What exactly do you do?
Over the last 5-10 years a new field in Orthopedics has begun to blossom, called Orthopedic Restorative/Regenerative Medicine whereby doctors use ultra-minimally invasive techniques to place biological treatments with imaging guided precision. This has been in large part because of technological advancements that are enabling physicians to help facilitate their patients’ own bodies ability to heal itself using their own biological cells, mediators and facilitators. This includes the use of your body’s own stem cells and other “stem-like” cells.
How are you different?
Our model is one based on helping the body naturally heal itself. We use FDA compliant cellular and acellular biologic based treatments (ex: Stem Cells and PRP) to restart and restore the healing mechanism in an effort to achieve bio-restoration of a problematic area(s) or structure(s).
What else makes you different?
Everything we do is meticulously thought out and done with a purpose. For example, during a properly performed stem cell procedure, there is the conglomeration of numerous intrical steps involved from harvesting, to processing, to the precision placement of the cells where they need to go.
What else makes you different?
We always use precision-guided cutting edge imaging technology and introduction techniques to ensure the biologic(s) are placed within millimeters or less of the problematic area. Frequently we employ the use of multiple advanced imaging technologies in concert with one another for even more precision. Finally and most importantly, you are our main focus, 100% of the time.
What else makes you different?
To our knowledge, we are the first and currently the only dedicated orthopedics, sports medicine and spine practice in the greater Charlotte cosmopolitan area focusing and specializing in autologous stem cell and bio-restorative treatments. We work with many other exceptional specialists in the area to optimize your outcomes, including Physical Therapists, Bio-Identical Hormone and Weight Loss Specialists, Massage Therapists.
What can I expect during my visit?
Most initial consultations take between 1 hour and 90 minutes. We offer consultations involving one continuous problematic area (ex: shoulder pain would automatically involve a concomitant examination of the neck).

We also offer an ultrasound evaluation of the problematic area (The Doctors have received the highest competency distinction one can achieve in Orthopedic Ultrasound (Registered in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound - RMSK).

When appropriate we also offer free MRI interpretation in conjunction with the radiologist interpretation. If you have had a MRI prior to seeing us, we will make sure the appropriate sequences and views have been obtained. If not, we will discuss further steps with you to obtain these. Our doctors have advanced training in Orthopedic MRI and works intimately with high quality local MRI facilities.

Based on this evaluation, the Doctor will provide his recommendation, which could include any of the following or a combination thereof:
- Additional imaging
- Diagnostic injection(s)
- Purpose driven, individualized physical therapy (we work closely with several physical therapy groups to produce optimal results).
- BIOLOGIX based procedure(s), frequently in conjunction with other synergistic modalities.

We also always look forward to working closely with your other doctors or therapists to provide complementary, additional information or treatments and maintain a close dialogue with them whenever possible.
What does the “i” in your name represent?
Do you accept insurance?
In general, biologics based treatments are not covered by insurance and at this time, we do not accept insurance. In today’s healthcare landscape, our model possesses numerous key benefits.

A few of the advantages of our model, include:

- Knowing exactly what you will pay for treatment at the time of final recommendations to include a foresight discussion about possible additional treatments (if any) that may be necessary in the future.

- We have the liberty to make decisions without being under the influence of insurance reimbursement algorithms or pre-authorizations.

- 200-300% more time for evaluation, discussions and treatment.
Why aren’t biologics, such as autologous adult stem cell treatments covered by insurance?
There are many reasons for this. Two of which include, a) the newness of the treatment and b) insurance reimbursement not necessarily directly correlating with effectiveness of treatment.
How long will the treatment take from beginning to end?
From start to finish all treatments are performed on a same day basis. We’ll discuss this with you in more detail for your individual scenario.
Do you offer same day evaluation and stem cell treatment?
Rarely. If this important to you we can discuss further.
Are your treatments FDA approved?
Our treatments are not specifically FDA approved, they are considered investigational, but are permissible. Most patients do not realize this, but many of the treatments they receive on a weekly or yearly basis are technically not “FDA approved”. One example of this, is the prescribing of any medication in an “off-label” fashion.
Do you culture cells?
No. This is not permitted in the USA at this time in humans.
What is the evidence for effectiveness and safety for using stems cells and bio-restorative treatments for orthopedic related conditions?
The evidence is surprisingly robust and growing rapidly. All told, there are dozens of scientifically rigorous studies (clinical and and laboratory based) that support both the effectiveness and safety of these treatments. We do not engage in the treatment of systemic diseases unless the goal is to treat a localized problem occurring from a systemic based disease (example: hand arthritis pain from rheumatoid arthritis).
Are your treatments safe?
Safety is our top priority. There have been literally thousands of patients’ treated with autologous (meaning from your own body) biologics for orthopedic related conditions and the safety profile for lack of significant harm has proven itself.
Are there risks involved?
Unfortunately yes. Even with the lengths that we go to prevent it, any and all medical procedures and treatments have some level of risk involved.
Is success guaranteed?
Unfortunately no. There has never been ANY medical procedure created that is 100% successful. Although proportionally small, there are some people who have no response. We and others in this exciting new field of medicine are diligently working to deduce these variable response enigmas.
Do you accept walk in’s?
Not at this time. The reason for this is because of the planning that takes places to provide you with optimal care, but please feel free to stop in and say hello and to discuss scheduling an appointment with us. We’d love to meet you.
How can I find out more information?
Call our office or consider coming to one of our catered Inspired by Bio-Intelligence Onsite Seminars. This is a no obligation opportunity to come and hear more about what we do, what we offer and tour the facility.
Consider coming in for a comprehensive consultation with one of our Board Certified Physicians.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of problematic issues we specialize in, which include the gamut from acute and chronic injuries and many other types of orthopedic problems:

Acute Orthopedic Problems

Tendon tears or stretching (examples: rotator cuff tear or Achilles tendon pain)
Acute Tendon Disease (ex: calcific tendinitis)
Ligament tears or stretching (examples: knee, shoulder, hip ankle, elbow, foot ligaments, including the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
Joints (cartilage injury, knee meniscus, wrist meniscus, shoulder and hip labrum, dislocation, etc).

Chronic or Acute on Chronic Orthopedic Problems

Osteoarthritis (ex: knee arthritis)
Tendon Disease (ex: “tennis elbow”)
Ligament Disease (ex: plantar fasciosis)
Back and Neck Pain (ex: disc pain, facet pain, “sciatica”)
Fracture Healing (in conjunction with your Orthopedic Surgeon)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (in conjunction with your Rheumatologist)

In summary, we can deliver biologics with image-guided precision (frequently using a combination of technologies) to virtually any orthopedic related structure.
What problems do you NOT treat?
A non-exhaustive list of Non-Orthopedic problems we do not treat at this time:

Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s disease
Spinal Cord Injury
Wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers
Lyme’s Disease
I’m not a professional athlete, am I still a candidate for these treatments?
Of course, currently the majority of patients receiving these treatments are not high-level athletes. There are things you can do to optimize results, which will be discussed with you.
Are you a pain management facility and do you prescribe pain medications?
We prescribe medications after procedures as medically appropriate. We do not prescribe medications for long periods of time, including opiates. We do not prescribe pain medications as a stand-alone treatment.
I don’t like procedures, do you offer anything else to help with my pain?
Yes, and we would look forward to discussing these options with you.