What problems do you treat?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of problematic issues we specialize in, which include the gamut from acute and chronic injuries and many other types of orthopedic problems:

Acute Orthopedic Problems

Tendon tears or stretching (examples: rotator cuff tear or Achilles tendon pain)
Acute Tendon Disease (ex: calcific tendinitis)
Ligament tears or stretching (examples: knee, shoulder, hip ankle, elbow, foot ligaments, including the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
Joints (cartilage injury, knee meniscus, wrist meniscus, shoulder and hip labrum, dislocation, etc).

Chronic or Acute on Chronic Orthopedic Problems

Osteoarthritis (ex: knee arthritis)
Tendon Disease (ex: “tennis elbow”)
Ligament Disease (ex: plantar fasciosis)
Back and Neck Pain (ex: disc pain, facet pain, “sciatica”)
Nerve Problems (ex: carpal tunnel syndrome)
Fracture healing (in conjunction with your Orthopedic Surgeon)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (in conjunction with your Rheumatologist)
Other Misc. (ex: trigger finger)

In summary, we can deliver biologics with image-guided precision (frequently using a combination of technologies) to virtually any orthopedic related structure.

What problems do you NOT treat?

A non-exhaustive list of Non-Orthopedic problems we do not treat at this time:
Parkinson’s disease
Acute, Displaced Bone Fractures
Infectious Conditions
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s disease
Spinal Cord Injury
Wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers
Lyme’s Disease

Common Questions:

Q: What exactly do you do?
A: Over the last 5-10 years a new field in Orthopedics has begun to blossom, called Orthopedic Restorative/Regenerative Medicine whereby doctors use ultra-minimally invasive techniques to place biological treatments with imaging guided precision. This has been in large part because of technological advancements that are enabling physician to help facilitate their patients’ own bodies ability to heal itself using their own biological cells, mediators and facilitators. This includes the use of your body’s own stem cells and other “stem-like” cells.

Q: I’m not a professional athlete, am I still a candidate for these treatments?
A: Of course, currently the majority of patients receiving these treatments are not high-level athletes. There are things you can do to optimize results, which will be discussed with you.

Q: Are you a pain management facility and do you prescribe pain medications?
A: We prescribe medications after procedures as medically appropriate. We do not prescribe medications for long periods of time, including opiates. We do not prescribe pain medications as a stand-alone treatment.

Q: I don’t like procedures, do you offer anything else to help with my pain?
A: Yes, and we would look forward to discussing these options with you.

Here is an extensive list of all the ailments that we treat: